The Cumberland


As mentioned on the home page Bost Billiards is a family company through and through. The table has been named The Cumberland because its red cedar comes from family property in Cumberland County Kentucky. 

Below is a gallery of the first install, and the process of making the table, and its accessories. 


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It's all in the detail

Custom Pool table

Buffalo Nickel Sight

The inaugural Cumberland featured Buffalo nickels as the sights, but that doesn't mean yours has to! 

Dining top for pool table

Resin Dining Top

The Dining top and Benches feature a high gloss resin finish to protect the beauty of the cedar, but also give you the best view of it as well. 

Custom pool table in florida

Cedar pool table

Each Piece is Unique

This beautiful side shot gives you a look at how each leg, rail, and cabinet piece is unique.