Connelly Pool Table 4'x8' $1,995

Connelly Pool Table

This table has 1"1/4 inch thick slate with black simonas cloth which is in excellent condition. The table is also solid wood, and has ball and claw legs with a shielded leather pockets.      

A.E. SCHMIDT 4.5'x9' $2,495


This table is an A.E. Schmidt snooker table and has 3 piece black Italian slate and leather pockets with metal covers. The table is in great condition and would be a welcome addition to any Snooker players room.

4'x8' Beach with dining top $2,295

Pool table and dining top
8 foot pool table
preowned pool table

The price of this beautiful table includes new rubber, and new cloth. The new owner can choose the color. This table also features a beautiful matching dining top, as well as leather drop pockets. For pictures of the dining top please refer to the photo gallery above.

4'x8' Brunswick Hawthorn Snooker $1,395


This beautiful snooker table has true snooker rubber, and one sight on each rail. The table will come with new cloth of the buyers choice.

4'x8' United Billiards Longhorn $1,495


This table features a very unique cabinet, leather pockets, and will come with new cloth of the buyers choice.

Leisure Bay 4'x8' $595

Cheap pool table in south florida

This Leisure Bay will come with new cloth of the buyers choice

Blatt billiards 4.5'x9' $3,495

Blatt Billiards south florida, pool table moving south florida

Features a classic stainless steel design that gives this table a unique look. The cabinet is complemented by a maple top Rail and hand-sewn leather pockets.


4.5'x9' Bourbon Stain Gandy $1,795

9 foot pool table
Gandy pool table

They sure do not make them like they use to and this solid wood table is a testament. This table is in outstanding shape and has 1.25" thick slate.

4'x8' Peter Vitale With Dining Top $2,995

Peter Vitale Pool Table
pool tables in south Florida
Pool table
ft. Lauderdale

This unique Peter Vitale features a hardwood frame, black Italian slate, a dining top, and leather pockets. The price includes a fully re-finished table, new rubber, and new cloth (Color of the buyers choice). The table will essentially be brand new when delivered to your door!

4'x8' Play Master $1,795


This recently refinished Play Master features new pockets and will also come with cloth of the buyers choice.

4'x8' Lightwood Sportcraft $995


This lightwood table will come with brand new rubber, and new cloth of the buyers choice.

4.5'x9' Gandy Big G $1,395

9 foot pool table 
Ball Return

This timeless classic is in very good condition, features a ball return. This table will come with new cloth of the buyers choice. 

4'x8' Brunswick Black Wolf $995

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Dale Hall

This game room style table is in great shape, and carries the legacy of Brunswick with it. 

Ameri-Hausen $1,695


This new table features Olhausen rails and their Accufast cushions. The rails are newly refinished in black with the dark wood cabinet. This table will come with new cloth of the buyers choice.

Valley slate bumper pool table $575

Bumper pool Table

This beautiful table will come with new balls, and new cloth.