4x8 Leisure Bay $899

This is a 1 inch black Italian slate pool table leather Pockets table will be delivered with new felt your choice of color      

Peter vitalie 4 x 8 $ 2495

 This is an elegant handcrafted  solid wood table

 post leg construction 3-piece slate with leather pockets    


Connelly pool table 4 X 8 $1295

This table has ball and Claw legs and 3-piece slate with shielded leather pockets and navy blue felt which is in good shape                                 

Dynamo 4'x8' $799

This table  light wood table has tasseled leather pockets, a 3-piece slate play surface, and everything else you could come to expect in a pool table. The table will have new felt with your choice of color at time of delivery.

A.E. SCHMIDT 4.5' x 9' $2,495

This table is an A.E. Schmidt snooker table and has 3 piece black Italian slate and leather pockets with metal covers. The table is in great condition and would be a welcome addition to any Snooker players room.

Olhausen cavalier 4.5'x9' $6.495

This olhausen cavalier makes a statement in any room it sets in . This particular one was built in 88/89 just old enough to have all the good bells and whistles. It's solid wood rails, aprons and cabinet throughout the entire table ensure a table that will last a lifetime. The table has accufast rubber which has been known to never go bad. 

Blatt billiards 4 1/2 x 9

This 9-foot table comes with a classic stainless steel design that gives us regulation table a unique look. The tables cabinet is complemented by a maple top Rail and hand-sewn leather pockets


White Proline 4'x8' $1,295

This table has been completely refinished, by our owner Fred, in a pure white finish and has the pictured black felt which is new.  The table could be considered better then new looks wise as it has been freshly repainted. 

Square Legged Furniture Style $895

Table was custom built for a customer while he lived in Mexico. Table has very solid wood frame and a thick 3-piece slate bed. Table's dark wood design goes very well with the designs on the cabinet and legs. 

Cherry Wood 4'x8' Showroom Model $1599

This is a brand new floor model table. The table has one small ding in the wood, but has never been played on. The table usually would go for $2199, but you can buy it here at our discounted price!!!

Brunswick 4'x8' Gameroom $995

This table is a good table for anyone who needs an addition to their game room. The table has metal corners, plastic drop pockets, and a 3-piece slate bed. 

Dark Wood Furniture Style $1295

This solid mahogany table comes with leather shielded pockets, ball and claw design legs, and a 3-piece slate bed. Table comes with accessories package. 

La Condo $4,995

La Condo With Dining Top

 The La condo is the ideal unit for the recreation room, dining room or conference room. The included table top and pool table is built with solid white birch. This table is a mix of elegance, function-ability, and play ability by creating a beautiful and simple solution to the space difficulties many homes have. This table's ability to function as a pool table and dining room table with just the ease of putting the dining top on the table, or taking it off and placing it in the rack that holds it, is truly a luxury that can help the pool shark in your life who does not have excess room for a pool table.

La Condo Without Dining Top