Connelly Pool Table 4'x8' $1,995

This table has 1"1/4 inch thick slate with black simonas cloth which is in excellent condition. The table is also solid wood, and has ball and claw legs with a shielded leather pockets.      

Peter Vitalie 4'x8' $2,495

 This is an elegant handcrafted  solid wood table

 post leg construction 3-piece slate with leather pockets    


Connelly pool table 4'x8' $1,295

This table has ball and Claw legs and 3-piece slate with shielded leather pockets and navy blue felt which is in good shape                                 

Olhausen 4'x8' $750

This light wood table has tasseled leather pockets, a 3-piece slate play surface, and carries with it one of the most respected name in billiards, Olhausen.

A.E. SCHMIDT 4.5'x9' $2,495

This table is an A.E. Schmidt snooker table and has 3 piece black Italian slate and leather pockets with metal covers. The table is in great condition and would be a welcome addition to any Snooker players room.

Light wood pool table 4'x8' $795

All this light wood table needs is a good home. This table features a three piece slate bed along with shielded leather pockets.

Blatt billiards 4.5'x9 $3,495

This 9-foot table comes with a classic stainless steel design that gives us regulation table a unique look. The tables cabinet is complemented by a maple top Rail and hand-sewn leather pockets.


White Proline 4'x8' $1,295

This table has been completely refinished, by our owner Fred, in a pure white finish and has the pictured black felt which is new.  The table could be considered better then new looks wise as it has been freshly repainted. 

American Heritage 4'x8' $795

This bourbon stained American Heritage features new rubber as well as new red cloth. 

Brunswick Furniture Style 4'x8' $1,495

This Brunswick table is truly a beautiful table made by a trusted brand. The table features ball and claw legs, leather fringe pockets, and a 3 piece slate bed. 

Great American 4'x8' $1,500

This Coin operated table will come with your choice of cloth, and can operate with or without the coin shoot. 

Light Wood Pool Table 4'x8' $550

This solid wood table is the best table for someone who is looking for budget friendly table that will play like the best available.

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Natural Finish Olhausen 4.5'x9' $1,995

This beautiful Olhausen will come with new cloth color of your choice, and features the best rubber a table can have with Olhausens Accufast.

Gameroom Style Brunswick 4.5'x9' $900

This Brunswick will come with new cloth and also features a ball return system. 

Black Game Room Style Table 4'x8' $650

This table features new Euro Blue felt, and a sleek simple design.

White Wash Proline 4.5'x9' $995

This beautiful Proline is essentially a new table which features new rubber, new pockets, and will come with your choice of cloth.

Do you need New Cloth? Or new rubber? Call for a quote today!