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The Islander



 This table comes with your choice of colored felt and choice for the  aluminum cabinet of the table. The table is built to withstand any type  of weather; rain, shine, or hurricane. Based on the success of our Ibis  table, we have made a table completely out of aluminum (not including  slate, pockets, or felt) and have made it look as elegant yet practical  as an outdoor table can. Table comes with an accessories kit    

The Ibis

Outdoor pool table, game room concept
pool table south Ff lorida


Named after the Ibis bird for it's ability to withstand any type of  weather, this table has been built to last and bring a luxurious look to  your backyard. The table has been put to the test by being out in the  elements for 15 years, not being moved for any storm or natural  disaster, in the Miami Federal Prison. The table is made out of  starboard and aluminum with a sumbrella felt to withstand any effects brought on by the south Florida climate. The two-tone cabinet comes in black and white, tan and white,or the whole cabinet can come in one color. The felt comes in your choice of color  and includes an accessories kit