$349.00 .

Easily convert your billiard table into a table tennis table with this top-of-the-line full-foam backed conversion top. The ideal option for converting your existing billiard table into a full functioning table tennis table.

  • Comes in two separate halves to make set-up easy
  • 5/8 inch (15mm) MDF with a sleek, blue, black, or green painted surface
  • High-quality surface that prevents warping and ensures great bounce
  • Underside consists of a soft EVA foam padding that creates a protective cushion between the billiard table and the conversion top
  • High Quality Net & Post Set included
  • 2 player equipment set included

Dimensions: 108"L x 60"W
Weight: 125 pounds

Bar Stools and Table Set- $250


The above spectator chairs are used but the table is new. The chairs pivot 360 degrees. Can be sold separately 

Billiard Themed Spectator Chairs- $99/chair


These chairs are brand new out of the box. 

Spectator Chairs- $50/chair


These beautiful chairs are a perfect accent to a medium stain table, or for your bar.

Spectator Chair- $40


This chair is new as the plastic is still on the cushion. Priced to sell.

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